Travel regulations

Midttrafik’s travel regulations describe the terms and conditions that concern travelling with Midttrafik's busses and Lemvigbanen.  

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Age limit

Customers under 16 years run for children price
Customers between 16-64 years run for adult price
Customers over 65 years run for senior price

Adults can take two children (under the age of 12) with them on the journey for free.
A paying child can take one child (under the age of 12) with him/her on the journey for free.

Documentation of age
You must be able to document your age, e.g. driver’s license or some kind of personal ID, if requested by the personnel. If you are not able to document your age and the personnel are in doubt, they can rightly issue an adult ticket.

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You are allowed to bring personal luggage if it does not bother or is a danger to others, as well as if it does not soil or damage the bus. The driver determines whether or not you can bring your luggage on the bus.

Pram, pushchair...
You can bring a pram, pushchair or a walker on the bus free of charge if it does not compromise entry and exit. Also, they are only allowed if they are transporting passengers.

There is maximum capacity of two prams per bus and the driver is allowed to deny prams, pushchairs and walkers if there is limited space in the bus.

Bicycles are not allowed in the city busses. Though, you can bring your bicycle in the other busses if the space allows it. The bicycle should always be placed in the bus’s trunk and you are expected to place it there yourself. You have to buy a ticket for your bicycle, which is equivalent to a 2-zone adult ticket. Please note that you cannot book a place for your bicycle. Please note that you cannot bring your bicycle in the airport busses 912X/Billund and 925X/Tirstrup (Aarhus Airport).

You can bring small dogs, cats and other animals free of charge in all busses if they are placed in a handbag during the whole journey. 

Dogs that cannot be placed in a handbag are not allowed in the city busses. Dogs that cannot be placed in a handbag are allowed in the other busses if you buy a children ticket. The dogs must always be kept on a short leash and not be to annoyance of the other passengers. The driver can decline to bring an animal if it is his or her judgement that the animal can trouble the other passengers.

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Smoking, both cigarettes and electronic cigarettes, is not allowed in all busses and trains, as well as consuming alcohol is not allowed.

If any passenger behaves inappropriate and harasses other passengers or the driver, the driver is allowed to reject or to drop off that passenger.

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Ticketing and ticket control

You have to buy or show a valid ticket or card when you get on the bus or train.

You can buy a single ticket in the bus with cash. However, the driver is not obligated to accept large notes (DKK 500 and 1000).

In the city busses in Aarhus, you can buy single tickets in the ticket machines with coins. The driver can break small notes (DKK 50 and 100).

It is your responsibility always to make sure that you have bought the right ticket. If you are not able to show a valid ticket by request of a checker, you can be fined. The price is DKK 750 for an adult, DKK 375 for a child (under 16 years), DKK 375 for a dog and DKK 100 for a bicycle. If you receive an inspection fee you can lodge a complaint to Midttrafik before the time allowed for payment expires.

You are required to have the ticket on you while driving and by exit and you must be able to show a ticket by request of either the driver or any of the Midttrafik's checkers.

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Time validity

You can travel using your ticket and change bus or train within the time and zones that are stated on the ticket. The time validity is calculated on the basis of the number of zones.

Zones Time validity
1-2 1 hour
3 1 hour and 15 minutes
4 1 hour and 30 minutes
5 1 hour and 45 minutes
6 1 hour and 55 minutes
7 2 hours and 5 minutes
8 2 hours and 15 minutes

If you travel more than 8 zones, the time validity increases with 10 minutes for each zone.

You can see the time validity on your ticket or card. 

You will have to begin your last journey before the time validity expires. You can freely change bus on the same journey and route within the time validity. The time of boarding is calculated on the basis of the scheduled departure time of the bus, which means that you can begin your journey on the same ticket even though the bus is delayed, if the scheduled departure time is within the time validity.

Specific for the city busses in Aarhus

Single ticket
If you travel in the city busses in Aarhus (zone 301-313) and you buy the ticket in a yellow city bus or in a stationary ticket machine, the time validity is 2 hours. This means that your journey must end before the time stamped on the ticket.

If you buy your ticket in a regional (blue) bus or a ticket machine at a train station, then the regional rules for time validity applies. This means that the time validity depends on the number of zones. You have to begin your last journey before the time your ticket expires (the time is stated at the ticket).

Multiride ticket in Midttrafik app
The time validity is 2 hours and 15 minutes (2 hours as normal tickets + 15 minutes because mobile tickets have to be purchased before you board). You must complete your journey before the ticket's time validity expires. If your ticket expires at 10.00, you must have got off the bus by 10.00 at the latest.